9 wonders of Istanbul

What is Turkey for Russian tourists? Unlimited all-inclusive food, beach from morning to evening, clubs and discos from evening to morning, excursions to Pamukkale and the “Lights of Anatolia” show , short shopping tours to the nearest town for a leather jacket or bed linen and refrigerator magnets to remember the trip. But there is […]

Bucket List: Why You Should Visit Constance Hotels & Resorts

Constance Hotels & Resorts invites you to embark on an unforgettable journey. 7 luxury resorts located in the Indian Ocean — in the Maldives, Seychelles, Mauritius and Madagascar, contain paradise. Silky smooth sand combined with crystal clear waters and impeccable service create the perfect recipe for a luxurious holiday where you can relax, forget your

Family History – Maldives

Discovery, relaxation, relaxation and adventure – time with family is always meaningful, time that creates memories and expands horizons. The main attraction of the Indian Ocean is the variety of unique excursions with immersion in the natural world. Whale watching, semi-submarine excursions, luxury yacht excursions, diving with turtles and whale sharks. Family adventures are possible

How to choose the right holiday with a teenager – Türkiye

No one will ruin your vacation more than a bored child. And if it’s easy to entertain a child by simply giving him a bucket with a scoop and entrusting him with the responsible task of building Easter cakes, then the “I’m already an adult” teenager reacts to most of your suggestions with an indignant

Classic Maldives – what they are like?

A holiday in the Maldives has always been an escape from civilization. Small island hotels, incredible azure waves, wide white sand beaches, villas over the water or among tropical greenery, facing directly to the ocean, fantastic sunsets. Silence, peace. Privacy. It is no coincidence that the Maldives is considered the best honeymoon destination in the

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